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Cattle feed

The right type of feed for cows is the start of good milk production and good quality milk. To guarantee the quality of animal feed in the Dutch dairy sector, the Dutch dairy chain follows European regulations given in the General Food Law. This legislation defines what is allowed and what is prohibited in animal … Continued

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The close cooperation of the “Golden Triangle” – government, research institutes and industry – makes sure that the products in the Dutch dairy chain are safe and high quality. Research institutes like Wageningen University and NIZO food research provide the scientific basis for food safety, and dairy companies ensure that the quality system is continuously … Continued

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Quality system

A healthy cow delivers the best milk. In order to guarantee the quality of the milk in the Dutch dairy sector, a guaranteed quality system is in place. This quality system is based on the European and Dutch laws. Here requirements have been laid down with respect to, among others, animal health, industrial hygiene, milking, … Continued

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Top quality

The quality of Dutch dairy products is praised around the globe. They owe their success to our country’s soil and climate, which are ideal for dairy farming. Centuries of dairy production have built close cooperation between dairy farmers, milk processors, suppliers and research institutes. Through this cooperation, the entire chain – “from grass to glass” … Continued

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Food waste

Dutch dairy companies are concerned about food waste and are actively working to combat waste among dairy products. The sector is also thus supporting the Dutch government’s goal to reduce food waste in the Netherlands. Measures taken by the dairy sector target food waste in factories and at the consumer level. Dairy production processes are … Continued

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Milk and dairy products contain valuable nutrients that our bodies need, which is why dairy – along with vegetables, fruit, potatoes, and grains – is a cornerstone of our diet. Dairy is particularly remarkable because of its high concentrations of important nutrients compared to the calories it contains. Health authorities like the Netherlands Nutrition Centre … Continued

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Product reformulation

As a source of nutrients like calcium, vitamins B2 and B12, vitamin A, and protein, dairy plays a key role in a healthy diet. But because it also covers many different kinds of products, from staples like milk, yogurt, and cheese to desserts and snacks, dairy also contributes a great deal to the average intake … Continued

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Around the world, dairy is a primary source of energy; it contains large concentrations of nutrients and is affordable. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommends milk and dairy products as an important source of energy, protein, and fats for humans, and as part of a balanced diet. The Dutch dairy sector is working non-stop … Continued

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Power of dairy

The Netherlands is known for its dairy products. Butter, cheese, and milk are inseparable from our daily diet. But the Netherlands is not the only country that wants Dutch dairy products – there is high demand from abroad, as well. The Dutch dairy sector is therefore a major player on the global market, and in … Continued

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Price fluctuations

Price fluctuations due to shifts in demand and supply occur in all markets, dairy included. Such fluctuations are inevitable. The demand for and supply of dairy products are major factors in how the price of milk is determined. Demand for dairy products is largely influenced by economic, geopolitical, and sociodemographic developments. In production – in … Continued

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