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08 February 2017

Dairy is one of the most important export goods for the Netherlands.

Dairy is among the ten products with the highest added value, which brings in most money through the export for the Netherlands. This was announced today by the Central Statistical Office as an outcome of its first study into the most important export goods in 2015. The export of dairy brings in as much as 3.54 billion euro in the form of added value for the Netherlands.

Apart from dairy, 3.43 billion euro of added value is also earned by the export of food preparations. In this group infant milk powder represents about one third, about 1.14 billion euro. Food preparations, such as infant milk powder, have become more important for the Dutch export in the past twenty years.

Top 10 of the most important export goods

The top 10 of the most important export goods for the Netherlands includes machines and parts, natural gas, horticulture, high-performance plastics, metal and metal products, meat, dairy, food preparations, vegetables and potatoes, and petroleum products. These goods together generate 53.3 billion euro of added value. This is 48 percent of all export earnings from goods of Dutch manufacture.

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