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13 April 2017

Economics and sustainability important spearhead in dairy industry

Today, the Dutch Dairy Association NZO and EY publish the report ‘The power of dairy’. The report covers the economic and social interest of the Dutch dairy sector, proven by figures from an independent study conducted by EY. This study shows that the Dutch dairy sector is of major importance for The Netherlands Ltd., can make a contribution to global food security, is among the world top when innovation is concerned and keeps raising the sustainability level.

The report covers the figures and facts in four core messages, being influential and Dutch, responsible, innovative and international.

The most important results from the study are:

  • The Netherlands is the most active dairy country within the EU. The production value of the Dutch dairy industry represented 6.6 billion euro last year.
  • The dairy sector provides 45,000 direct full-time jobs;
  • The dairy sector plays a key role in achieving the COP 21 objectives. The Dutch dairy industry is internationally leading in the areas of efficiency and sustainable technology. For instance, in the Netherlands, the CO2 emission per litre of milk is half the emission seen elsewhere in the world;
  • Dutch dairy can play an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dairy products are essential for reducing poverty in the world and increasing food security.
  • The Dutch dairy sector is among the world top in the fields of innovative power and knowledge development. With this knowledge the sector can play an important role in making the global food production more efficient and sustainable.

‘We are proud that we as dairy sector can contribute to, among others, the Dutch economy and sustainability’, according to Roelof Joosten, Chairman of Dutch Dairy Association. ‘The study done by EY shows that we can make a difference both nationally and internationally without losing sight of animal welfare and climate objectives.’

‘The power of dairy’ event

The power of dairy is an event concerning the economic and social interest of the Dutch dairy sector. Franc van den Berg (partner EY Climate Change & Sustainability Services) and Roelof Joosten (Chairman of the Dutch Dairy Association and CEO of Royal FrieslandCampina) presented the report mentioned to Marten van den Berg (Director-General External Economic Relations) during the event on Thursday 13 April.

Apart from the handing over of the report, three speakers gave their views on innovation, sustainability and economics within the dairy sector in a TEDtalk. The first speaker was Meike te Giffel, CEO of NIZO, the innovation institute of the dairy sector. She talked about how the Dutch dairy sector is among the world leaders in innovation. Secondly, Albert de Groot, board member of NZO and CEO of Vreugdenhil, Europe’s largest producer of milk powder, dedicated his speech to the fact the Dutch dairy can make a contribution to global food security. The last speaker was Marten van den Berg, Director-General External Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). He gave his view on the interest of the Dutch dairy sector for The Netherlands Ltd.

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