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05 July 2016

The dairy sector is an important engine of the Dutch economy

The dairy sector is one of the most important engines of the Dutch economy. Together, Dutch dairy farming and the dairy industry have a total production value of 12 billion euros. In 2012, the dairy sector exported 7 billion euros in products. 8 cents of every euro earned by a Dutch company abroad come from dairy.

The sector is responsible for 45,000 direct jobs. In size, it is 1/6 of the total food industry in the Netherlands – bigger than the Dutch electrical appliance, pharmaceutical or automobile industries.

The dairy sector is inextricably linked to the Netherlands. Our climate and soil are ideal for grass and dairy cows. The Netherlands is strategically located in Europe, with good potential markets, and its logistics infrastructure is excellent. Most Dutch dairy farmers co-own their dairy factory. That gives the sector its “long shelf life”, since they are therefore less likely to move abroad.

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