09 October 2023

Breakfast with the mayor

The importance of a good and healthy breakfast is high on our country’s social agenda. That is why 239 mayors are sharing breakfast with schoolchildren. The mayoral mothers and fathers and council members speak with the children about a healthy breakfast and enjoy products from the Wheel of Five. The NZO supports the Mayor’s Breakfast with semi-skimmed milk, yogurt and 30+ cheese.

On Tuesday, October 10, the pupils of group 1/2 at IKC De Bongerd in the municipality of Nederweert sat at the breakfast table with Mayor Op de Laak. An instructive and pleasant morning during which the Mayor asked the children about their breakfasts and breakfast habits. Do the children eat breakfast every day, and what do they like to eat? And do they know why breakfast is important? 

Starting the day with a good and healthy breakfast is important for children: it is necessary for healthy growth and it helps with concentration, including at school. After a night of rest, everyone needs new energy to start the day on a good foot. Mayor Op de Laak summed it up well for the children: “A good start to the day is half the battle.” 

The Mayor’s Breakfast 
The Mayor’s Breakfast takes place October 9-13 in cooperation with 239 municipalities and schools. The Mayor’s Breakfast is part of the annual National School Breakfast at primary schools across the Netherlands. The 21st edition of the National School Breakfast will take place November 6-10 this year. 

The Wheel of Five breakfast box
Children, mayors and council members of the 239 participating municipalities will receive a breakfast box this week, put together with care. The box meets the Netherlands Nutrition Centre’s guidelines. The breakfast box includes whole grain bread, semi-skimmed milk and yogurt, artisanal 30+ cheese, vegetables and fruit, and other healthy toppings. Healthy and tasty! The dairy products are provided by the members of the Dutch Dairy Association.

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