Milk and dairy products contain valuable nutrients that our bodies need. That is why dairy – along with vegetables, fruit, and grains – is a cornerstone of our diet. Dairy products are an important part of a healthy diet because they are a source of vitamins and minerals. More than 20% of the calcium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, and vitamins A, B2, and B12 that we consume comes from dairy.


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Because of its valuable nutritional content, dairy is included in the Wheel of Five. The Netherlands Nutrition Centre advises 2-3 portions of dairy (300-450 milliliters) daily. Its advice is based on the “Guidelines for a Healthy Diet” from the Health Council of the Netherlands, which aims to prevent the ten most common chronic illnesses.

Around the globe, dairy products provide people with crucial nutrients. The world’s growing population means that the demand for dairy products is also increasing. The dairy sector is therefore working hard to make milk production more sustainable.

Substituting dairy with other products to achieve a lower ecological footprint makes little sense. Because of its high nutrient density – its large concentrations of nutrients – dairy is an incredibly environmentally-efficient source of nutrients. The group of products needed to replace dairy in a diet has just as much impact on the environment. Milk and dairy products will continue to play an important role in our diet.

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