04 December 2023

Global dairy sector urges approach to climate and food security

Joint statement on climate conference COP28

The international dairy community is committed to addressing climate change. So say the two major international dairy organizations in a statement issued on the occasion of the COP28 climate conference that started 30 November 2023 in Dubai. The climate summit is the 28th Conference of Parties (COP).

The joint statement was signed by the International Dairy Federation (IDF), which represents dairy chains from multiple countries, and by the Global Dairy Platform (GDP), which includes a number of large dairy conglomerates. The Dutch Dairy Association has also signed the initiative.

The IDF and GDP recognize the urgency of climate action and its impact on the environment, water and land use. In their joint statement, they state that the global dairy sector is taking responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while working to maintain its vital role in feeding the world. ‘Daily, 6 billion people worldwide rely on dairy’s high-quality nutrition, with milk and dairy products offering essential nutrients such as high-quality proteins, calcium, magnesium, selenium, riboflavin and vitamins B5 and B12.”

The organizations are in favor of including nutrition indicators in the life cycle assessments (LCA) conducted to calculate the climate footprint of products. This will give policymakers a better understanding of the relationship between the environmental impacts of food production and the nutritional value of foods.

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