02 December 2019

New nutrition label: a modified Nutri-Score

The Netherlands plans to adopt the new nutrition label Nutri-Score, but only after it is modified to align with the Dutch dietary guidelines. State Secretary Blokhuis announced the plans on November 28. The NZO supports his decision. The Wheel of Five is the basis of the Netherlands’ dietary guidelines and consumer advice, and Nutri-Score must conform to it.

Several foods in the Wheel of Five – such as low-fat cheese, fish, wholegrain products and olive oil – are given low grades in the current Nutri-Score. The state secretary has called for improvements to Nutri-Score before food producers add the label to their packaging. An international committee of scientists – some of whom are Dutch – is going to work on this and should have its results ready by mid-2021.

Earlier this year, more than 170 scientists and dieticians shared their concerns about Nutri-Score and other nutrition labels in a letter to the state secretary. This article in Voeding Magazine provides some background information about nutrition labels.


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