15 October 2021

Oscar Meuffels about to leave the Dutch Dairy Association

Oscar Meuffels will leave the Dutch Dairy Association on 1 December of this year because of his entering into a new employment. Oscar will be employed by the Royal A-ware Food Group in the position of Director Public Affairs & Corporate Social Responsibility as from 1 February 2022.

Meuffels worked as Manager Public Affairs at the Dutch Dairy Association since the year 2011 and he has held the position of director since the year 2017. “I am really proud that I have been able to serve the interests of the Dutch dairy industry in the past years. In this period, the Dutch Dairy Association developed further and it has in-house competences that are important for the continuity of the organisation. I thank the members for the trust they have placed in me”, Meuffels says.

René van Buitenen will fulfil the function of interim director until a successor will have been found.

The Board of the Dutch Dairy Association is very grateful to Meuffels for the way in which he has managed the organisation in the past years. “Oscar managed the Dutch Dairy Association during a dynamic period in which the dairy sector was confronted with complex themes and issues. In his position, Oscar has always served the interests of all members and we wish him very much success in his new function”, Hein Schumacher, Chairman of Dutch Dairy Association, responds.

The Board expects to find a successor for Mr Meuffels in the short term.

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