26 August 2016

Belgian animal feed sector does not yet comply with the Dutch requirements: extension of temporary acceptance by Ovocom

The Dutch dairy industry tightened the quality assurance for animal feed as from 1 January 2016, because it wants to retain its leading position in the international dairy sector. In the meantime, it has become clear that the Belgian consultation platform for the animal food chain Ovocom does not yet fully comply with the new requirements.

In addition to its own quality assurance system, Ovocom has developed an independently controlled module for animal feed companies that want to supply to Dutch dairy farmers, being module I-01: ‘Direct supply to Dutch cattle farms’. This module has been based on the additional demands that the Dutch dairy companies make with respect to feed for dairy cattle.

Dutch quality assurance system and Ovocom

In conformity with the Dutch requirements, Ovocom has made an overview of all supplier-product combinations and conducted a corresponding risk assessment. The organisation also made preparations for carrying out audits in the animal feed sector based on the Dutch requirements. As soon as the quality assurance system of Ovocom is really fully operational in accordance with the Dutch requirements, Belgian animal feed companies can obtain final approval for supplying feed for Dutch dairy cattle.

Animal feed companies that were associated with Ovocom in 2015 will remain on the white list of animal feed companies that comply with the requirements of Dutch dairy companies. After having received final approval, Ovocom can start accepting new participants.

As further delay is considered to be undesirable, the Dutch Dairy Association assumes that Ovocom will fully comply with the new requirements by 1 January 2017 at the latest.

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