22 December 2016

The NZO approves feed companies affiliated with Ovocom

Animal feed companies affiliated with the Belgian feed safety agency Ovocom have been approved to deliver feed to Dutch dairy farms starting next year. Ovocom oversees the Feed Chain Alliance (FCA) Standard, a standard for guaranteeing animal feed safety and quality. The FCA Standard has been supplemented with a specific module to meet the requirements of the Dutch dairy industry. The Dutch Dairy Association (the NZO) deems Ovocom’s quality assurance system to be fully compliant with these requirements.

As of January 1, 2017, animal feed companies affiliated with Ovocom will be listed on the so-called White List of the NZO. The White List includes only animal feed companies that meet the requirements for feed quality assurance set by dairy companies. Until now, FCA-certified feed companies have been only conditionally listed. This conditional listing was made earlier this year because Ovocom had not yet fully adjusted its quality assurance system for Dutch requirements. After an independent audit, it now appears that Ovocom fully operates in accordance with NZO requirements.

This year the Dutch dairy industry further honed its feed company quality assurance to maintain its leading position in the international dairy community.

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