Dutch dairy companies are concerned about food waste and are actively working to combat waste among dairy products. The sector is also thus supporting the Dutch government’s goal to reduce food waste in the Netherlands.

Measures taken by the dairy sector target food waste in factories and at the consumer level. Dairy production processes are already highly efficient, and waste streams are reused. Whenever possible, these processes are made even more efficient. Research is also being done into how modifications to products, packaging, and portion sizes can contribute to the reduction of food waste.

To also help consumers throw away less dairy, awareness of storage conditions and expiration dates must be improved. The dairy sector therefore launched the “thrifty with dairy” campaign, which includes a cartoon on dairy packaging with three tips for reducing dairy waste. The most important of these tips is how to interpret the expiration date. If a dairy product has gone over date, check the product first to see if it looks, smells, and tastes okay.

On behalf of the dairy industry, the Dutch Dairy Association is one of the signees of the “Over Date?” green deal, an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. All signees of this green deal have committed to improving information on expiration dates. The “thrifty with dairy” campaign is one important way the dairy sector is working to heighten consumer awareness, and the sector will continue to help reduce food waste.

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