The close cooperation of the “Golden Triangle” – government, research institutes and industry – makes sure that the products in the Dutch dairy chain are safe and high quality. Research institutes like Wageningen University and NIZO food research provide the scientific basis for food safety, and dairy companies ensure that the quality system is continuously improved.

Quality systems on dairy farms focus on the quality of the farm milk, for example on hygienic work procedures and animal health. Once delivered to the factory, various aspects of the farm milk are tested. Every year, 2.3 million farm milk samples are analyzed. Dairy companies, together with independent laboratories like Qlip, conduct tests during production. Each week, samples are taken and analyzed using advanced techniques. The government oversees and monitors this process via the COKZ, which conducts regular, unannounced inspections.

The rigorous quality control system, with its built-in checks, keeps the entire chain sharp. This guarantees the safety and quality of Dutch dairy.

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