Elementary schools want their students to learn where our food comes from and how the food production chains work. In order to support schools and teachers in this, the NZO has developed teaching materials on the dairy chain and organizes trips for children in elementary school grades 7 and 8.

The teaching materials have been developed together with education experts, and they are meant for all grades in elementary education. The NZO also provides suggestions for subjects that teachers can cover in their classes, with or without the help of the teaching materials. The NZO’s materials help teach kids how cows turn grass into milk, how the dairy chain works, and how Gouda cheese is produced.

For elementary school students in grades 7 and 8, the NZO organizes farm tours. Dairy farms across the Netherlands have been selected and trained to provide these tours on their farms. Every year, 1000 classes take advantage of this opportunity. In 2013, around 25,000 students from elementary schools toured dairy farms as part of this program.


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