Gouda cheese is world famous for its unique taste. But up until 2010, Gouda cheese did not have any legal protection. Gouda could be made anywhere in the world, and Dutch imagery could be used in its marketing. In order to safeguard the quality of our Dutch Gouda cheese, the European Union awarded Gouda Holland and Edam Holland “protected geographical indication” (PGI) status in 2010.

The PGI label guarantees the distinct quality and reputation of an agricultural product or food from a particular region. The Gouda Holland seal of quality certifies that the cheese comes from Dutch milk from Dutch cows, and that it is ripened on Dutch soil.

The Gouda Holland seal of quality distinguishes Dutch Gouda from Gouda cheese made abroad. In an advertising campaign called “The Secret of Gouda”, master chef Robert Kranenborg illustrated how European culinary tradition arose and the importance of quality labels for products like champagne, Ardennes ham, and of course Gouda cheese.

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